The Water-Shrew That Rends Its Prey  

The Water-Shrew that rends its Prey
Acts purely out of Nature’s need;
It does not stop to plot its course,
But simply does the deed.

The Leopard pouncing in the night
Is kin to soft domestic Puss –
They love to hunt, and hunt to love,
Because God made them thus.
But we are not as Animals
We cherish other Creatures’ lives;
And so we do not eat their flesh
Unless dread Famine drives.
page 348

The Garden

Who is it tends the Garden,
The Garden oh so green?
‘Twas once the finest Garden
That ever has been seen.

And in it God’s dear Creatures
Did swim and fly and play;

And then came greedy Spoilers,
*warning: graphic*
And killed them all away.
page xi


When God Shall His Bright Wings Unfold

When God shall His bright wings unfold
And fly from Heaven’s blue,
He first will as a Dove appear
Of pure and sparkling hue.

Then next the Raven’s form He’ll take,
To show there’s beauty too
In any Bird that He did make,
The oldest and the new.

He’ll sail with Swans, with Hawks He’ll glide,
With Cockatoo and Owl,
The chorus of the dawn He’ll sing
He’ll dive with Waterfowl.

As Vulture He will next appear,
The Holy Bird of yore,
Who Death does eat, corruption too,
And thus does Life restore.
page 373

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