I am not in literature in relationship to the novel The Year of The Flood. God's Gardener's are entirely recycled. I can barely relate to this. 

As bad as it sounds, I hate reusing "things." Sure, my mom makes me recycle cardboard and cans for the better of the environment, but when it comes to reusing items or objects, which the Gardener's do, I  am "out" of this literature story. 

My room is spotless. NO "knick nats", clutter, unwanted objects etc etc. It sounds plain, but that's how I like it. Sure I have pictures/frams, from Ikea of course, but I hate keeping things around just because you don't want to throw it away.

My mom doesn't like when I clean the house because I throw away all the UNwanted items that people keep just to keep them. 

I'm not "in" literature in terms of the Gardener's main beliefs on recycling. I also can't relate on the topic of religion. It's an absent aspect of my life. Going through the book more i'll be able to show how i'm "in" literature and which aspects relate to me. 
11/25/2010 07:45:13 am

Hmmmmmmm, but what about 'being in the same boat/story' as all of us, if we do not begin to clean up our act ....


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