class this morning. - The Year of The Flood

Before watching a film this morning, Erika mentioned that when she was going through everyones blogs a lot of people wrote about not enjoying english classes. I just wanted to say that i've never enjoyed one until this english literature class. I think it is because it is so open and the space created to explore one or two texts makes it more enjoyable. The numerous reading of texts and essay writing is absent from this course due to the different approach to teaching

The link posted for the word "teaching" provides some information on First Nation Pedagogy which Erika focuses a lot on. Under the "Theory" category it highlights the idea of story telling:

"STORY-TELLING IN EDUCATION - story telling is a key practice in First Nations education and research - it is the foundation of all oral history transmission."

A quick note. 
In class this morning we watched a documentary on Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire and his experiences in Rwanda in 1994. In my first semester I took an Anthropology course where we read a novel about the genocide in Rwanda. It was every interesting to explore this tragic moment through an  anthropologic approach: understanding the actions of Rwandans through their eyes. Why the hutus were doing what they were doing. Such an interested, yet very sad topic.
I enjoy todays class and am excited to explore other novels that 
11/25/2010 07:38:05

I am pleased to hear you are enjoying this course so much Kayla, I am too


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