By next wednesday my groups will have brainstormed lots of ideas for the main religious group in The Year of the Flood -- God's Gardener's (GG's). 
I am going to be looking at the nature and environmental side related to GG's beliefs, Vera is looking into the scientific view, and Kristina is covering religion. 
We've discussed whether or not we're going to include lots of references/allusions, but I think we've decided that we'll focus on one main "idea" for each topic of religion, nature, and science. 
As Toby was working one of her shifts at SecretBurger, Adam One and the Gardener's came into the restaurant to get Toby out of there. With their success, they bring her back to the Gardener's rooftop..

The Garden wasn't at all what Toby has expected from hearsay. It wasn't baked mudflats strewn with rotting vegetable waste -- quite the reverse. She gazed around it in wonder: it was so beautiful, with plants and flowers of many kinds she'd never seen before. There were vivd butterflies; from nearby came the vibration of bees. Each petal and leaf was fully alive, shining with awareness of her. Even the air of the Garden was different.

She found herself crying with relief and gratitude. It was as if a large, benevolent hand had reached down and picked her up, and was holding her safe. Later, she frequently heard Adam One speak of "being flooded with the Light of God's Creation," and without knowing it yet that was how she felt.

"I'm so glad you have made this decision, my dear," said Adam One. 
But Toby didn't thinks she'd made any decision at all. Something else had made it for her. Despite everything that had happened afterwards, this was a moment she never forgot (41). 

Later that evening, Toby honor was celebrated with jars of preserved elderberries and pots of honey.

This was Toby's first impression of the Garden. Different from what she thought. Different in terms of how they view and treat the environment and nature. 

First, GG's are "strict vegetarians (45)," who use composts and wear "sack like garments (46)." 
"meat of any kind was obscene as far as the Gardeners were concerned (62)."

 Another example of the GG's love for the environment. 

**And a quick side note -- the quote "The Garden wasn't at all what Toby has expected from hearsay. It wasn't baked mudflats strewn with rotting vegetable waste -- quite the reverse" reminds me of First Nations and how they do things in e s r e v e r. 
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The video you link in reminds me of a video I have often thought of making from all my videos around the world -- only in video I want to contrast beautiful shots side by side with some of the horrific sights of pollution and poverty that I have witnessed. Thanks for the inspiration


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