Ren is flashing back to the days with GG's when she recalls eating dry soybits and a vegetable patty for dinner while Zeb was singing in the shower..

"But if I mentioned anything about our old life, [Lucerne] would say all that was in the past. 
She had lots of reasons for running off with Zeb to join the Gardeners. She'd say their way was best for humankind, and for all the other creatures on Earth as well, and she'd acted out of love, not only for Zeb but for me, because she wanted the world to be healed so life wouldn't die out completely, and didn't it make me happy to know that (65)?" 

Nature is GG's playground. The things they do and believe in is best for humankind and all other creatures because of the choices they make. The best way to explain is examples like these..

"The Gardeners were strict about not killing Life [...] They had the idea that turning into compost would be just fine (59)."

"The cubicle curtains were woven of plastic-bag strips and duct tape, and they weren't in any way soundproof (63)."

"We ate our meals in the main room, on a table made out of a door. All of our pots and pans were salvaged - gleaned, as the Gardeners said - except for some of the thicker plates and mugs. Those had been made by the Gardeners back in their Ceramics period, before they decided that kilns used up too much energy (63)."

"Zeb would be in the shower: No daily showers was one of the many Gardener rules Zeb ignored. Our shower water came down a garden hose out a rain barrel and was gravity-fed, so no energy was used (64)."

"Nothing should be carelessly thrown away, not even wine from sinful places. There was no such thing as garbage, trash or dirt, only matter that hadn't been put to a proper use (69)." 

As I'm collecting data for our presentation, I kept putting nature/environment for GG's beliefs.. but now I'm thinking of it as nature, but in terms of environment. GG's protect, reuse, recycle etc to protect the environment and animals within it. The quotes above have helped me begin to collect my ideas for the presentation. The reuse of items, restriction of showers (energy), and protecting life shows their main belief of nature. 
11/25/2010 07:57:29 am

makes me think about many of the First Nations websites we visited this semester, and the mandate to protect the environment that seems to be implicit in many beliefs held by First Nations peoples - also, makes me think of Coyote!


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