My aunt from Ontario came to visit for four days this weekend. Kind of silly to visit for just four days, but at least she came. She is now going to write a book titled "Vancouver in 48 hours." We went everywhere you could go in Vancouver - or at least the places you want to make sure you show a tourists who's never been here before. We went to the Olympic cauldron, Gas Town, Stanley Park, Granville Island, UBC, Spanish Banks, The North Shore and maaany more places. The interesting one was Stanley Park though.

When I was young, I was told that the "lady" sitting in the water along the shore of the seawall is a mermaid. All my life i've grown up thinking that. Its easy to believe though. She is in the water.. with two legs that appears as if they're just one, or maybe a fin. Now that I look closer at it.. she clearly has flippers on her feet, a scuba mask on her head, and she is wearing a wet suit. This story that has shaped my belief on the "mermaid in Stanley Park" clearly is not reality, but it was my reality until the weekend. 

Shackie and Croze were told a story..
The two of them managed to get some superweed from a grow-op that was busted in one of the GG's apartment housing (of course not their doing, but an individual named Burt the Knob who was growing). Amanda promised Shackie and Croze something in return if they managed to get some of the superweed.

"Here is it," Shackie said. He brought out a piece of cloth with something wrapped up in it.
"What is it?" I said. I could hear my own voice: girly and squeaky.
"It's the surprise," said Amanda. "They got some of that superweed for us. The stuff Burt the Knob was growing."
"No way!" I said. "You bought it? From the CorpSeCrops?"
"Lifted it," said Shackie. "We snuck in the back of the Buenavista"

After smoking the superweed..

Amanda has her arm around me. "It's okay," she said. "You're fine." Shackie and Croze still there, and they were sounding pissed off. Or Croze was, more than Shackie, because Shackie was almost as whacked as I was.
"So, when'll you pay up?" said Croze.
"It didn't work," said Amanda. "So, never."
"That wasn't the trade," said Croze. "The trade was, we bring the stuff. We brought it. So, you owe us."
"The trade was, Ren gets happy," said Amanda. "She didn't. End of story."
"No way," said Croze. "You owe us. Pay up." 
"Make me," said Amanda. Her voice had that dangerous edge, the one she'd use on pleebrats when they got too close.
"Whatever," said Shackie. "Whenever." He didn't seemed too bothered.
"You owe us two fucks," said Croze. "One each. We ran a big risk, we could've got killed!"
"Piss off," said Amanda. And I guess they did, because the next time I looked for them they weren't there. 
I was feeling more normal by then. "Amanda," I said. "I can't believe you traded with them." I wanted to say, For me, but I was afraid i'd cry. (155-156) 

As simple of a trade, superweed for "two fucks," Shackie and Croze's "story" they were told ended up being altered by the end of the deal. Their reality of the trade changed when the story unravelled. 

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