When I was young.. I told stories. I altered them. I changed the setting, the time, the individuals involved.. and I left information out -- depending on who my audience was. Usually it was my mom. Oh did I ever tell stories. Stories that got me grounded: no phone, no friends, no nothing. Story telling has gotten me into a lot of trouble. It all depends who you are telling it to.

For Adam One, he changed a story too. Pilar, one of GG's Eves was diagnosed with cancer that was very advanced and passed away because of it. When Adam One held a meeting to inform everyone, he altered the story for the young Gardeners.

Adam One knew who his audience was and told the story different from the truth. It didn't get him into trouble. I wish I had his luck when I was young.
11/12/2010 02:33:34 am

I really like this link between the "story-telling" theme of our class, and the narrative of our book!

I think this connects to what you're saying about stories getting you in trouble too, depending on who you're telling them too. Toby was angry that Adam One changed the story, and essentially sullied Pilar's name. Adam One does apologize for it, and Toby doesn't really do anything about it, but I can't help but think that her respect for him diminished somewhat, and that their relationship changed to some degree.

Once again, proof that "getting the story right" is important!


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