Once I found a beautiful camera phone, lying on the sidewalk. It was muddy...but I took it    
               anyway, and the Eves caught me with it. "Don't you know any better?" they said.
               Such a thing can hurt you! It can burn your brain! Don't even look at it:  if you
               can see it, it can see you"

Shouldn't be too curious.

I watched the movie Splice a while ago. It reminded of the "beautiful human gene splice" that was brought up in the book..or maybe the blue people reminded me of Avatar.
11/9/2010 16:23:06

Interestingly, in their society of CorpSeCorp totalitarianism, this is totally true... They could see them.

It happens in real life too though! It's crazy what surveillance can do (but hopefully isn't doing).

11/9/2010 16:34:13

Ah!, since you mentioned surveillance, have you read George Orwell's 1984? The constant monitoring and not wanting to write writing anything down on paper was also mentioned in that book.

Kayla Morley
11/10/2010 13:01:28

I've read that book.. Grade 12 English.
It was all about being watched, listened to.. pretty much what the Gardener's fear to happen so they prevent it through not leaving a trace.


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